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How to Transfer Files from Home Drive to Google Drive

This article describes how to transfer all of the information from your Home Share (also known as your Citrix My Documents) to Google drive.

Though DTS plans to maintain access to these files, there are a few advantages of moving them to Google Drive:

  • Your district Google Drive has no data limit.
  • Google Drive can be more easily accessed than the Home Share.
  • Google Drive can work on any device that is connected to the internet no matter where it is located.  The Home Share can only be accessed from a district computer while on the svvsd network.

To begin you must access your Home Drive.  If you are not familiar with the process follow the steps in this article.

  • Once you have the share open on your Mac you need to launch Google Chrome on your district device.  Google Drive can be used on any web browser, but uploading many documents at once works better with Google Chrome.  From Chrome navigate to and sign in.
  • Click the New icon on the top left and select Folder Upload:

Google Drive New Folder Upload                                    Google Drive New Folder Upload

  • Navigate to your Home Drive :

Click here and select your computer name Double click your share to access files Image of files in share folder

  • Select the first folder in your home drive and select Upload.
  • Repeat this process for the remaining folders in your home drive.

The time to complete this process may vary depending on the amount of data you have stored in your Home Drive.


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