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Information on Citrix Transition for Teachers

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What is Happening

After working with various district departments, we have determined that we are ready to support teachers in completing the final steps in transitioning away from using Citrix in favor of their LTP provided Macbook Air. This will only affect a small number of teachers who are still using Citrix to store materials and access a Windows environment. We will be removing access to Citrix for teachers on January 2nd, 2019.

Who it Will Impact

This change will only affect staff members who have “teacher” in their title.

What is Going to Change

The impact of this can be separated into two basic categories, what will no longer work at home and what will no longer work at all.  Below is a table that shows generally what will be impacted.

Will Teachers be Able to Access At Home (not on svvsd)? At School (on svvsd)?
School Printers and SPEAR No Yes
Staff File Share (My Documents) No Yes
Infinite Campus and Schoology Yes Yes
Ceran Yes Yes
Citrix Published Applications (e.g. Examview) No No
Windows Environment on Mac No No
Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets Yes Yes
Anything from No No









In general all website-based resources (e.g. Infinite Campus, all sites on Ceran, and other resources that can be accessed via a web browser such as Safari, Firefox or Chrome) will not be impacted and all things from will no longer be available.

Below are some more details on specific services and how they are impacted:

Published Applications 

Published applications are special applications that would launch in a Citrix environment without running a full Windows environment.  One example of a more common published application is Examview.

Examview is program that is no longer available as a published application (version via Citrix that had preloaded content such as question banks), but will still run as a local program if it was installed (no content preloaded, but can be used to create new exams).  An easy way to tell the two versions apart is how the application icon looks:

Examview via published app (no longer available):

Examview 6 icon

Examview via installed app (available if already installed, no preloaded content):

Examview 8 icon

Windows Environment (Desktop Staff)

The Citrix Windows environment is something that will no longer be available to teachers as part of this change.  This is a separate Windows desktop that you could previously access while using your Mac.  Below is an example of the Windows desktop environment:

Windows Desktop Staff Environment on Mac

Staff File Share (My Documents)

These files will still be available to teachers while on the svvsd network by connecting your home drive to your Mac, however they will not be available while not on the svvsd network (e.g. from home).

In order to make your files more readily available, your files can be transferred from your File Share to your Google Drive.  Your district Google Drive has no limit on the amount of data you can upload, and can be accessed from any internet-connected device, on or off the svvsd network.

Follow the steps in this article to upload your File Share (My Documents) files into Google Drive.

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