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Apple Classroom

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Apple Classroom is a tool that can help teachers scaffold student learning and facilitate sharing, student engagement, and interaction across all devices in a classroom.

In St. Vrain, Apple Classroom is an optional self-supported and self-managed program with teacher-created classes. More information on creating and maintaining classes can be found on Apple’s website here.

Technical Considerations
  • Teachers:
    • Must download the Apple Classroom app from the Apple App Store;
    • Create and manage their own classes.
  • Students:
    • Must have Bluetooth enabled and be on the same WiFi network as the teacher;
    • Must join the teacher’s class through Settings;
    • Are able to leave the managed environment at any time.
  • Classroom can’t interact with more than 60 students in a single class.
  • It’s best if both teacher and student devices are running the latest version of the iOS.
  • Interruption in Bluetooth or wireless connectivity (including a restart) may lead to loss of functionality.
Be Aware

Apple Classroom is not intended to be used solely as a monitoring or behavior management tool. Keep in mind that students may choose to leave a class, disable Bluetooth, and/or restart their devices to override any limits or locks set by teachers using Apple Classroom.

Consider how you might use this tool while engaging in mentoring conversations with students about a positive, healthy relationship with tech in a learning environment.


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