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JamfControl – Temporary Actions

JamfControl is a dashboard application that gives school MDM administrators the ability to perform certain actions on student iPads in their buildings.

For more information about JamfControl see our Resource Guide.

JamfControl now has temporary actions which will allow a device to be removed from certain settings for short period of time to assist with support of the device. This may include troubleshooting or access to resources that are not available with current non-standard settings in use, such as Elevated Restrictions.

Secondary Device Temporary Action

Jamfcontrol Temp Actions

JamfControl Temporary Actions

Primary Device Temporary Action

For Primary devices this will also enable the deletion of web clips.

Primary Device Temporary Action

Available options for Primary device

The new Temporary Actions are only available for individual devices under Device Detail. It will allow the device to be excluded from the associated setting for up to 5 minutes.

Every (five) minutes any device found to be in these exclusion groups will be removed, allowing the excluded setting to be restored to the device. The 5 minute time is intentionally short to allow an MDM admin time to confirm the setting has returned if necessary.

Clear Screentime Passcode is related to an issue in iOS 12. If the passcode is forgotten by the parent, or gets set by the student, this will allow the setting to be disabled. Using this option will remove all associated settings with Screentime, requiring the parent to reconfigure them. This is a temporary solution to this problem and will be updated in the future.

  • Please note that the process to redeploy the settings to these devices is independent of adding devices. This means that if a device is added to the exclusion group, it may be restored before the necessary action is completed. In this case, simply click the button again and complete the necessary task.
  • Screentime is an iOS 12 change to where Restrictions are located. There is also added functionality with this feature. More information.
  • VPN Restrictions information

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