JamfControl is a dashboard application that gives school MDM administrators the ability to perform certain actions on student iPads in their buildings.

*Access to JamfControl is only available to those who complete MDM training. Please submit a work order to arrange training.

JamfControl Training Resources – These are short videos about how to use JamfControl. They are used in the Schoology Course.

What can you do with JamfControl?

  1. Log In
  2. See a List of Devices at your school
  3. See a list of Devices that Haven’t Checked In in more than two weeks
  4. See Details about a specific device (OS version, restrictions level, applications installed, etc.)
  5. Perform Basic Actions on devices
    • Update the inventory record of an iPad
    • Shut down an iPad
    • Clear a passcode
    • Send a blank push to force the iPad to check in with the MDM server
    • Restart an iPad
    • Clear a restrictions passcode
    • Reset an iPad
  6. Perform Temporary Actions on devices
  7. Set an Application Level for iPads in primary classrooms (elementary level only)
  8. Set Elevated Restrictions on iPads (secondary level only)
  9. Report a Lost/Missing iPad (or a lost/missing iPad that has been found) – Only available to missing iPad designees

Log In

Open a browser and go to  jamfcontrol.svvsd.org. Log in with your district username and password.

screenshot of Start Here tab

See Devices at Your School

Be patient! Newly enrolled devices may not show up in your inventory for up to 30 minutes.

On the Start Here tab, click the link for All Devices. Secondary sites can also see all devices at a particular grade level.

screenshot of start here tab

On the Device List tab, you can change the number of entries that appear on a screen (up to 100) and refresh the window, if needed.

screen shot of device list tab

Click on the arrows next to the headings to sort – for example, to see a list of devices running an older version of the OS.

screenshot of device list

See Devices that Haven’t Been Checking In

Devices that haven’t been checking into the MDM may be missing or have other issues. Schools will want to check in with students who have an iPad that isn’t checking in to determine the reason and take action, if necessary.

On the Start Here tab, click the link for Last check in > 2 weeks.

screen shot highlighting inactive devices on the start here tab

See Details About a Specific Device

On the Device List tab, click on the name of a device to see details. You can also perform basic actions from this window.

screen shot of device details

Note: If you need a more detailed report (for example, a list of all iPads with a particular app installed), please submit a ticket to DTS.

Perform Basic Actions

First, on the Device List tab, check the box(es) next to the the device(s) on which you want to perform an action.

screen shot of Device List tab

Then, click the Commands tab and choose the action you wish to perform.

screen shot of command tab

Update Inventory: Records for devices are updated in Jamf at regular intervals. If you want the record to update immediately (for instance, a student has manually removed a VPN but the Jamf record does not yet reflect this), you can select this action to update the record immediately.

Shutdown Device: Turns the iPad off.

Clear Passcode: Removes a passcode from a device. This useful if the student has forgotten the passcode or if the student is not available to enter the passcode.

Send Blank Push: If a command has been issued but the iPad hasn’t yet responded, sending a blank push will force the iPad to check in with Jamf.

Restart Device: Restarts the iPad.

Clear Restrictions Passcode*: If parents have set a restrictions passcode on their child’s device, you can use this action (with parental permission) to clear the passcode in order to perform necessary work on the device.

Erase Device*: Erases all content and settings on the iPad and returns it to factory condition. Note that the recommended way to erase a device is NOT iTunes, but to have the student manually erase all content and settings on the iPad itself OR use Jamf to wipe the device.

*These commands have confirmation prompts that need to be acknowledged.

The Command Output box will display whether the MDM received the action request. Note that “success” does NOT mean the iPad received the command, but only means the MDM received the request. 

screen shot command output window

Temporary Actions
Jamfcontrol Temp Actions
JamfControl Temporary Actions

Temporary Actions are a newly added feature that will allow an MDM Admin to temporarily suspend a setting or restriction in order to facilitate working with students. These actions are only available under the Device Detail tab.

More Information

Set Application Level (Elementary level only)

Students in primary grade-level classrooms (pre-k and kindergarten) have access to additional apps that are not available to older students. To make sure that classroom iPads have access to these apps in Self Service, an MDM administrator will need to assign the appropriate grade level.

On the Commands tab, select PreK-K from the drop-down menu and click Set Application Grade Level.

screen shot of app level menu

To remove the primary applications from a device, set the application grade level back to None.

screen shot of app level selection

Set Elevated Restrictions (Secondary level only)

Schools may choose to set an elevated level of restrictions for some secondary students. Click here for description of the levels of restrictions.

On the Commands tab, select a restrictions level from the drop-down menu and click Set restriction level.

screen shot of elevated restrictions

To remove the Elevated Restrictions profile and return the device to default restrictions, select None from the drop-down menu and click Set restriction level.

screen shot of elevated restrictions selection

Report a Lost/Missing iPad

Beginning Fall 2018, schools will use JamfControl to report a lost/missing iPad.

Once a site is selected, click the iPad Inventory link at the top of the page.

screen shot of iPad inventory tab

Click to select the asset tag of the missing device. Click the Report Missing link.

screen shot of asset tag screen shot of report missing link

Fill out all of the relevant information and click Submit.

screen shot of entering details for a missing device

All missing (and found) devices will show up in the iPad Inventory > Missing tab:

screen shot missing tab

To report the iPad found, click on Report Found in the Missing tab

screen shot missing tab highliting the report found link