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How to change print settings on the new mac (Microsoft Apps and Apple Apps)

Changing printer settings on the mac

-Printing single sided and Hole Punch or staple

Depending on the application you will want to be in the print settings, this is usually under Default settings or towards the bottom of the print pop up.

Next select Layout/Finish, the finish tab and you can select single sided, hole punch ( 2 or 3) and staple from this page.

-Print in color

To print in color select the Quality menu and change the color setting from GrayScale to Auto Color.


For apple native applications (Safari, Pages, Keynote, etc.)

After you click print you will need to select Printer Features from the last drop down menu

Spear Print Menu

Next you will see a screen with all the options available on the Spear copier, for color select the two color options towards the bottom of the scrolling menu. See below, this is also where you can select any other option you will need for finishing.

Spear copier screen shot

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