Use Infinite Campus to Locate My iPad

Please note: Due to a change in iPadOS, these directions will not work to locate a secondary student device running iPadOS 14 or later without a settings change. To re-enable the Locate My iPad functionality on an iPadOS 14 or later device, please view these Apple Support directions and disable Private Address for the svvsd Wi-Fi network. It is not necessary to disable Private Addresses on other networks.

Staff or students can attempt to self-locate a district student iPad within any school building by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into Infinite Campus through the Internet
  2. Click Locate My iPad in the lower left column
    • The information returned includes:
      • Building – school building where iPad was last online
      • Room/Area – location of the wireless access point to which the iPad was last connected
      • Association Time – date and time your iPad was last connected
      • Status – is the iPad currently connected
  3. Look for your iPad in the room listed and surrounding rooms and areas