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Staff FAQ for Student Password Reset


All secondary students will be required to change their default password to a “strong” password every 365 days.


Protecting our student’s data and developing good digital habits is vital. Strong passwords enhance account security for all services such as Infinite Campus, Google Apps, etc.


Please work with your school administration on how this transition is planned at your school.  

All students who have NOT yet set a strong password by the expiration will be required to reset their password before proceeding to any curriculum or computer logins. Students will also lose wireless access on that date if they have not updated to a strong password.

What about new students?
All new secondary students will be required to reset the password prior to logging on, as will new staff members.  

How Often?

Students must change their password a minimum of once per year (every 365 days).


The Student FAQ lists instructions and links to the new password manager site.  

Look for this new button is also listed on Ceran.Password manager

Note: If students choose not to use the password manager site or see a red x on the Google sync confirmation they will first need to log onto and sync the password prior to it working on applications and computer logons.

What if a student forgets their password?

Students can reset their own passwords if they have setup security questions. In fact, the password manager site will require students set up security questions before resetting their password.  If students are unable to recover the password through the password manager site, each school has Student Account Guardians able to help.  See the site contacts page under Student Account Guardian.  Only the Student Account Guardian will have access to change the student password.  Note: The Help Desk will no longer be allowed to reset student passwords without security questions from a non-administrator.  

Special Education Students

Student Services has identified students who will need accommodations. These students will go into a group that will not require them to change their passwords.
Those students will have one or more of these flags in Infinite Campus:

  1. Intellectual Disability
  2. Multiple Disabilities
  3. Autism

If one of these accounts is compromised the student will still be required to change the password to a secure password.  The Help Desk will work with the appropriate IEP staff at that time so that they may coordinate with the student, staff, and parents to make sure the password is secure and the appropriate people have access.  

What passwords will change?

This password controls access to Google Apps, Schoology, digital curriculum, Infinite Campus and more.  If you are not sure, check the programs page under ‘details’.



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