Infinite Campus – Messaging (Missing Assignments Message)

Missing Assignment(s) Message

Send a Missing Assignment Message to students’ guardians to notify them when the student is missing assignment(s). Missing Assignment messages are not sent to students.

To start the message click on New in the Message Center.

Start Message

For Message Type choose Missing Assignment Message.

Missing Assignment Option

The steps of sending a Missing Assignments Message are the same as Class Message as follows:

  • Step 1 – Delivery and Message Details
  • Step 2 – Recipients
  • Step 3 – Review and Send Message

Difference between Class Message and Grades Message:

Step 1 – Delivery and Message Details

For a Missing Assignment Message, the Subject, Body and Text Message fields auto-populate with a sample of content that you could use, including Campus fields that populate based on the recipient. For example, the student.firstName field will populate with the student’s actual first name in each message based on the recipient. Modify this text as desired.

Step 2 – Recipients

The second step of sending a message is selecting which students’ guardians could be included in the recipient list and which grades determine that inclusion. The guardians of selected students who also meet the recipient criteria are sent the message.

Available Sections include your sections in the current term and one term previous. Leave All Students selected to include all active students in the selected Section or mark Specific Students to choose individuals. Move students to and from the Student List using the Add and Remove buttons. Add All and Remove All options are at the bottom of the lists.

Once you’ve selected students as possible recipients, determine the Recipient Criteria for the message.

To do so, select Grading Tasks, or specific Categories and Assignments; the guardians of students who have any of the selected assignments flagged as Missing in the Grade Book are included in the recipient list (if they are also included in the student list above).

Each Grading Task aligned to the section displays. Expand to view individual assignments, or mark the higher levels to include all assignments.

The checkbox to Allow Repeat Messages allows multiple messages to be sent to the same recipient. For example, a guardian may have already received a message for a missing assignment earlier in the term, but the assignment is still missing. Marking this option sends the same message to the guardian again.  For High School choose Semester Grading Task and Middle School Quarter Grading Task.  That is where all your assignments should be set up.

Missing Assignment Recipient Criteria

Always select Allow Repeat Messages.

Step 3 Review and Send Message

The final step of creating and sending a message is to review recipients and send the message. There is really no difference between Class Message and Grades Message.