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LTP Support Roles and Responsibilities (Elementary)

Individual staff members may have more than one role, and responsibilities can be customized to meet each school’s needs.

Role Responsibilities
 LTP Site Coordinator (LTPSC)
  • Each school will select two LTPSC support people
  • Responsible for coordinating all school LTP support tasks
  • Main point of contact between DTS and school
  • Click here for more information
 LTP MDM School Manager
  • Track device check-in to the MDM
  • Track device updates
  • Push out apps from MDM as needed
 LTP Device Support
  • Perform basic iPad troubleshooting
  • Provide support for iPad apps
  • Submit work tickets
LTP Student Set Device Check In/Out
  • Check devices in and out in Destiny
  • Device health inspections before check-in
Other Possible LTP Support Roles

Digital citizenship

Planning and providing professional development for staff

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