Employee Technology Matrix

The following is a title-based outline of the standard personal computing devices issued to teachers and staff by District Technology Services.

  • Schools and administrative departments may use their own funds to purchase other DTS-approved technology to supplement or replace DTS-provided equipment. DTS does not prorate these purchases.
Title from Infinite VisionsEquipment
Assistant PrincipalMac Laptop
Associate PrincipalMac Laptop
Attendance OfficerMac Laptop
AudiologistMac Laptop
Autism SpecialistMac Laptop
Behavior CoachiPad
Behavior SpecialistiPad & Mac Laptop
Brailist Chromebook
Clerk – AttendanceWindows Desktop
Clinical ProfessoriPad & Mac Laptop
Coordinator – Early ChildMac Laptop
Counselor*Mac Laptop, display, keyboard, and mouse
Dean Of StudentsMac Laptop
Early Childhood SupportiPad & Mac Laptop
Educational InterpreteriPad
Interpreter for the DeafiPad
Instructional CoachiPad & Mac Laptop
Instructional Program ConiPad & Mac Laptop
Lab TechnicianiPad
Media Consultant (Secondary)iPad & Mac Laptop
Media Technician (Elementary)iPad
Nurse (Occupational and Registered)Chromebook
Occupational TherapistiPad & Mac Laptop
Para (Instructional, Preschool, Special Education, and Specialized Program)iPad
Permanent Substitute Teacher (Long-term)iPad & Mac Laptop
Physical TherapistiPad & Mac Laptop
Preschool Group LeaderiPad
PrincipalMac Laptop
Psychologist & Psychologist – InternMac Laptop
Registrar (Secondary)Windows Desktop
Secretary – AthleticWindows Desktop
Secretary – PrincipalsWindows Desktop
Secretary – SchoolWindows Desktop
Social WorkeriPad & Mac Laptop
Speech/Language PathologistiPad & Mac Laptop
Speech Pathology AssistiPad & Mac Laptop
Student Apprentice/TeacheriPad
Student Engage Counselor*Mac Laptop
Teacher2 ≥ .5 FTEiPad & Mac Laptop
Teacher2 < .5 FTEMac Laptop

*If submitted by Student Services, contact and ask the Counselor’s school assignment.

The following is a site-based outline of the standard computing devices issued to each school by District Technology Services.

Athletic TrainerHigh School1 Chromebook per school
Campus SupervisorCampus Supervisor Office1 Chromebox
Community SchoolsCommunity Schools Office1 Chromebox
CustodianCustodial Office1 Chromebox
Health ClerkHealth Office1 Windows Desktop
Kitchen ManagerKitchen Office1 Windows Desktop
Media ClerkLibrary Circulation1 Winbook, Docking Station

The following titles and locations use their own department budgets to issue technology.

CommunicationsAssistant Coordinators
District Technology ServicesAssistant Directors
FinanceAssistant Superintendents
Human ResourcesCoordinators
Operations (non-school staff)Department Secretary
Special Education (not listed above)Executive Assistant
Student Services (not listed above)Interns