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Employee Technology Matrix

The following is a role-based outline of the standard personal computing devices issued to teachers or staff by
District Technology Services directly or through the Learning Technology Plan.

School Positions: Winbook Chromebook iPad Mac Laptop Desktop PC Chromebox
Administrators* LTP
Athletic Secretary DTS
Attendance Clerk DTS
Campus Supervisor Office DTS
Classroom Teacher* ≥ .5 FTE Instruction LTP LTP
Classroom Teacher* < .5 FTE Instruction LTP
Community Schools Office DTS   DTS
Counselor/Interventionist LTP
Counseling Secretary or Clerk   DTS
Custodial Office   DTS
Health Office   DTS
Interventionist/Counselor LTP  
Kitchen Manager   DTS
Lab Tech (Elementary) LTP
Librarian (Secondary) LTP LTP
Library Circulation DTS DTS
Library Lookup DTS (2)
LTP Site Coordinator (*if required and authorized by principal and DTS) LTP* LTP*
Media Tech (Elementary) LTP
Office Secretary   DTS
Para/Clerk Access   DTS (2-4)
Principal’s Secretary   DTS
Receptionist   DTS
Registrar   DTS
STEM Coordinator (Instructional Coach in IV) LTP LTP
Student Service Positions: Winbook Chromebook iPad Laptop Thin Client*
Attendance Liaison/Officer LTP
Audiologist LTP
Autism Specialist/TOSA LTP
Autism Team Coordinator LTP
Behavior Specialist LTP LTP
Braillist   DTS
Child Find   DTS
Coordinators   DTS
Counselor     LTP LTP
Cultural & Linguistic Diversity (CLD) Interpreters   DTS
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher (DHH) LTP LTP
District Assessment Team (DAT) Psychologist   DTS
Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)     LTP LTP
G/T Coordinator     LTP
Instructional Coach   DTS LTP
Multi Grades Teacher     LTP LTP
Nurses   DTS
Occupational Therapist (OT) LTP LTP
Physical Therapist (PT) LTP LTP
Psychologist  LTP
School Special Education Facilitator (SSEF)       LTP
Social Worker LTP LTP
SPED Instructional Coach (TOSA) LTP
Special Education Teacher   LTP
Speech & Language Pathologist (SLP) LTP LTP
Teacher of Students with Visual Impairment (TVI) LTP LTP


  • DTS (District Technology Services) – Equipment is for work-related purposes and issued to the schools/departments.
  • LTP (Learning Technology Plan) – Equipment is for instructional purposes and assigned to employees directly by DTS.


  • School Administrators includes principals, assistant principals,  and deans.
  • Teacher includes long-term substitutes and Special Education.
  • Thin Clients are in the process of being deprecated across the district.
  • Schools and administrative departments may use their own funds to purchase other DTS-approved technology to supplement or replace DTS-provided equipment. DTS does not prorate these purchases.

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