iPad Recovery Process

Steps to Recover Student iPads

  1. Contact the Parent(s) and let them know that the device belongs to the district
  2. Obtain the following information
    • Parent name(s)
    • Primary phone number
    • Secondary phone number (if possible)
    • Mailing address
    • Asset tag of missing iPad
  3. An Administrator or a Missing iPad Designee will need to Report a Missing iPad
    • Provide the requested information in the ticket with a note verifying that someone from the school has spoken with the parent
  4. An Administrator or a Missing iPad Designee will need to submit a Missing iPad Return Shipping Request Form
  5. District Technology Services (DTS) will process the ticket as a missing iPad and the device will be locked down
  6. Once DTS receives the iPad back, the work order will be updated and closed out
  7. The iPad will be returned to DTS stock
    • If the school needs another iPad for stock, they may submit an Inventory Request and DTS will bring out a new iPad at that time

Note: Schools may only enter fees for missing iPads for students who withdraw from school and do not return their iPads.

Note: It is important for schools to do routine checks of the iPads in their school.

Tips to Minimize Students Leaving without Turning in iPad

  1. Infinite Campus – Data Dashboard
    • This custom report is made available to Counselors and Administrators, and helps identify Students who are struggling in school
    • The school will be able to determine major absences that Teachers may not be reporting to Administration
      • This has helped Administration identify Students who have not formally withdrawn
    • DTS will periodically run a report on Students who have withdrawn but still show an iPad assigned to them
      • DTS will periodically notify Schools of these Students to help in the iPad recovery process
  2. MDM Console – Smart Group
    • Staff in the building that have gone through Mobile Device Management Training have access to the MDM Console (Jamf Control)
    • Inside the Jamf Control, Staff can create a Smart Group for iPads that have not checked in the last two (2) weeks
    • iPads that show up on this report may be lost and the Student is afraid to report it missing
    • Please follow the Loss and Theft Process to help the student locate their iPad
      • Click here for directions to help the student locate their iPad using Find My iPad
      • If the Student district iPad is unable to be located, Administrators can submit a Missing iPad Work Order
      • If the Student district iPad is out-of-date or has issues, check with the student to make sure they have the device
      • If the school cannot get the device to check-in, they will need to submit a work order for assistance
  3. Check-in Process
    • Follow this End-of-Year Process that can also be used for Students who withdraw from the district in the middle of the school year
    • Following this check-in process will help determine if fees should be assigned to Students and ensure devices are in good working condition