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Computers and Mobile Devices

The following is a general outline of the standard personal computing devices available to students, teachers and staff in St. Vrain Valley Schools.

  • Elementary School Students
    • Grade-level classrooms are issued a set of 6 iPads
      • Additional iPads available for specials and pull-out classes
    • 1 Computer lab, Macs
      • Some schools have opted to replace wired computer labs with Chromebook carts
    • 1 Chromebook cart
  • Middle School Students
    • Students are issued iPads
    • 3 Computer labs, Macs and/or Windows PCs
    • 3 Chromebook carts
  • High School Students
    • Students are issued iPads
    • 5 Computer labs, Macs and/or Windows PCs
    • 5 Chromebook carts
  • Teachers are issued Mac laptops and iPads
  • Office staff have thin clients running Citrix.
    • Some schools have opted to place Macs in their offices.
  • Other staff are issued Chromebooks, computers, iPads, laptops, or thin clients depending on their role in St. Vrain.
  • Notes
    • Schools with other grade level configurations are outfitted with technology proportionality.
    • Schools have flexibility to supplementĀ the above standards using their own budgets


  • Chromebooks – laptops running the Linux-based Chrome OS, essentially a mobile device running only a web browser
  • Citrix – a virtual Windows interface available on all St. Vrain platforms
  • Thin client – lightweight HP computers used to access Citrix
  • iPads – Apple tablets running iOS
  • Macs – Apple desktops and laptop computers running macOS
  • Windows PCs – desktop and laptop computers running Windows

Reference: Employee Technology Matrix

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