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Lost and Theft Process (elementary)

IMPORTANT! Time is of the essence in this process. Please make sure that teachers and students know to report any loss or theft immediately.

What do I do if a teacher can’t find a classroom set iPad?

  • First, ensure that school administration are informed.
  • The LTP building contact, LTC, an office or library staff member should call the Help Desk (303-702-7730 x57730) and select Option 4. Provide the teacher’s name and asset tag number and the technician or help desk person will provide you with a location if the iPad is on and in the building.
  • If the iPad is not able to be located, have your school administration or Missing iPad Designee submit a work ticket using this form.  Include as much information as possible. (Note that this is only available via login by a school administrator or missing iPad Designee.)
  • In addition to initiating tracking, DTS staff will implement procedures that should render the device unusable and provide onscreen contact information for return of the device to the district.

If I still cannot locate the device, what do I do next?

  • If requested by DTS, submit a police report and/or risk management claim.
  • DTS will notify the person submitting the report of the cost, if any to the building.
  • DTS will provide a replacement. In Destiny, DTS will set the status of the item to lost. It will be transferred out of your inventory. Please do not check the device in.

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