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Schoology Gradebook Exceptions

If you create and assignment in Schoology but never grade it, parents can receive an email notification from Schoology alerting them of that their child had a ‘missing’ or ‘overdue’ assignment (example below). In some cases the student just hasn’t done the assignment, but in others, the assignment was never meant to be graded by the teacher in Schoology, causing the parent some unneeded worry.
Here is how you fix it. Use the Exceptions function in the Schoology Gradebook. This is simple and will stop and overdue notification making its way to parents. Just go to your Gradebook and use the flag for an individual student, or the three dots on top to mark all empty cells as excused (pictured below). This will also work for assignments that were completed in groups but handed in by only one student. If you know students are not handing something in via Schoology just find the ‘disable submissions’ when you make the assignment and that will nip it in the bud.

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