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Elementary LTP End-of-Year Processes

Health Check


Verify that all classroom equipment (iPads, accessories, etc.) are accounted for and undamaged. Add a line item on teacher check-out sheets for this task.

  • Screen is undamaged
  • No corner damage from drop or impact
  • iPad is not bent
  • iPad can be powered on
  • Home and volume buttons are working
  • Headphone jack is not obstructed
  • iPad case is in good repair

Put in a ticket for any damaged iPad before leaving for the summer to ensure that these are repaired before students return in the fall.

iPad  Maintenance


  1. Charge the iPads to at least 40%
  2. Erase all content and settings on the iPads
  3. Disconnect the iPads and turn them off, leaving them disconnected for the summer so they don’t inadvertently turn on and run down the battery
  4. Unplug the iPad storage cabinet for the summer


  1. Before you erase the iPad, backup any data created in apps that you wish to save.  It is recommended that content be AirDropped to teacher laptop or shared in Google Drive. Click here for suggestions on backing up data from iPad apps.
    • For more information on how to do this please see your LTP Site Coordinator.
  2. Update all classroom iPads to the latest version of the operating system

Device Check-In


Check in the iPads in May and check them back out again in August.

Another option:

Leave the iPads checked out to the teacher over the summer (they may show up as overdue) and then check them in when returning in August. Consider whether or not you will be collecting and storing iPads and if teachers will be receiving the same iPads in the fall. Also consider whether teachers will be switching rooms and taking their iPads with them or leaving them in the classroom.

iPad Storage


Keep the iPads locked in the storage cabinets in the classrooms over the summer.

Another option:

Collect the iPads and store them together in a secure location. (Let DTS know where these are stored and how to access the location.) Consider whether the classroom will be used for summer classes and if these classes need access to the technology. Also consider whether teachers will get the same iPads back or if they will be restored and set up as new devices the following fall.

Cabinet Keys

Note that the cabinet keys are unique to each cabinet and not interchangeable!


Collect and store both keys in a secure location for the summer, labeling the keys with the room in which the cabinet lives.

Another option:

Leave one key with the teacher and the second key in a secure location. Consider whether the school will need access to the iPads over the summer and the process for collecting the key if the teacher leaves.

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