AirServer Troubleshooting Tips

AirServer Troubleshooting Tips

Before using AirServer each day, your LTP Laptop should be restarted. As a rule, restart your computer every day . It also MUST be done after you have used your computer outside of the school!

Before using AirServer for the first time

  1. Ensure that your LTP Laptop macOS version is 10.11.6 or higher by clicking on the  in the upper, left-hand corner of your screen, then selecting “About This Mac”. If you are not at OS 10.11.6 or higher, open the App Store and select “Updates.”  All available updates will appear.  Run any system updates that are available (individual app updates do not need to be run for this purpose).  Some updates can take 20-30 minutes so plan accordingly.
  2. Ensure that your iPad, and those of your students, are running the currently supported iPadOS version. To verify this, go to Settings App/General/About, then find the Version number. Should you need to upgrade, back up one screen to the “General” screen and select “Software Update” right below “About”.
  3. Ensure that your computer is running AirServer version 7.0.8 or higher. DTS has previously scheduled this update and all LTP laptops should already have this version installed, but verify by launching AirServer if not already running, then clicking on the AirServer Icon on the Menu Bar and selecting “About AirServer’. If you are not at 7.0.8, contact the Help Desk to schedule the update.

If, after launching AirServer, your LTP iPad cannot see the name of your computer in the “AirPlay Mirroring” screen of the Control Center, perform the following:

Troubleshooting AirServer Connectivity with LTP iPads

  1. Have you restarted your computer today? If not, please restart your computer. Click on the  in the upper left corner of your screen and choose restart. After a restart of your computer you will need to launch AirServer again.
  2. Ensure that the computer is connected to the “SVVSD” network by clicking on  in the upper right corner of your screen and ensure SVVSD has a check next to it.
  3. Verify that your iPad is connected to the “SVVSD” network by going to the Settings app and looking at “Wi-Fi.”
  4. If you have changed your Wi-Fi connection to “SVVSD” on either device you must re-broadcast service.  To do so, click on the AirServer icon (in the upper right corner) and choose Rebroadcast services and wait 30 seconds before trying to connect from your iPad.
  5. If your iPad still cannot “see” your computer, turn your iPad’s Wi-Fi off for 30 seconds. Turn off by going to Settings, selecting “Wi-Fi,” then pressing the green button. After waiting 30 seconds restart Wi-Fi and ensure that it connects to “SVVSD”. If your iPad cannot see your AirServer in the list, Rebroadcast Services from AirServer and test again.
  6. Restart your iPad. To restart your iPad hold down the home button and the power button until an apple shows up on the screen.  Let go of both buttons.  This may take up to 30 seconds for the apple to appear. After restart try connecting iPad to AirServer.
  7.  If you still cannot see your computer in the AirPlay Mirroring list, submit a ticket.

Following the steps above will, in most cases, allow your iPad to “see” your computer and connect.

Additional Tips

  • Each time you are done projecting with AirServer turn off Airplay Mirroring on the iPad.
  • When not actively using AirServer quit the application by clicking the AirServer menu and selecting Quit.
  • Are there “too many” running applications or open tabs in a web browser on your LTP computer? Close applications/tabs which are not needed.
  • Are there “too many” applications running on your iPad? Terminate apps that are not necessary.
  • When you shut down and restart your computer, does your computer restart then automatically open previously open Applications and Browser Tabs? Try a “clean” start of your computer by selecting “Restart” from the Apple Logo drop down menu and ensuring that “Reopen Windows when logging back in” is NOT checked.

The same thing applies to iPads! Terminate ALL running apps before shutting down and restarting your iPad for a “Clean Slate” start.