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LTP Elementary Classroom iPad Sets

In addition to sets of iPads, each elementary grade-level classroom will receive the following:

Kensington Sync & Charge Cabinet

The cabinets come with a power cable, syncing cable, hardware, and two keys. The syncing cable and screws can be stored. Each cabinet comes with two keys. The keys are unique to each cabinet so be careful not to separate them from the cabinet to which they belong! We recommend that you collect one of the keys for each cabinet, label it with the room number where the cabinet will live, and store these in an easily accessible location such as the library or office. Click here for information on obtaining replacement keys.


Important: Make sure the sync button, which is located on the floor inside the cabinet on the bottom left. is disabled (not pushed down)! Accidentally enabling syncing may cause the fan to cycle off and on frequently and can cause the iPads to remain awake, draining battery capacity.

Short Black Lightning Cables

These are to be used in the storage cabinets.


Headphones with Microphones

One White Brick & Lightning Cable

These are for charging an iPad outside of the storage cabinet, if necessary.

In addition, each elementary school will receive the following to share:


Each school will receive 2-3 Justand iPad document cameras, which can turn an iPad into a scanner, a document camera, or a video camera holder.


Schools will receive 25 splitters. Each splitter allows up to five students to share an iPad. Schools may divide the splitters up however they choose, although most schools feel it’s best to keep these in the library as a checkout item for teachers when needed.

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