New Teachers and Tech FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions 

What technology do I have access to in my building to support teaching and learning?

Click here for a list of district-provided technology through the Learning Technology Plan (LTP). Individual schools may have additional technology available through grants, donations, and school purchases.

Where should I go for help?

Your Learning Coach, Instructional Coordinator, LTP Site Coordinator and/or STEM Coordinator can answer many questions or help you find the resources you need. You can filter this list of Site Contacts by school and by role to find people in your building who can help. For technical assistance, you can also call the Help Desk at ext. 57730 or submit an online work request here.

How do I set up my gradebook?

Check with your school administration for school-specific gradebook requirements. For general setup instructions,  this support article will guide you in setting up categories, creating assignments, and setting grade calculation options.

What district guidelines on technology use should I be aware of?

Responsible Use Policies

Expectations and Commitments

Expectations and Commitments documents are designed to outline both the district’s commitments to service in support of learning as well as the expectations we hold for our users. These documents outline the broad strokes of the LTP partnership and how we all contribute to the success of the program.

Student Data Privacy

St. Vrain Valley School District holds data privacy and security in high regard and takes action to ensure that our students’ data is handled securely in compliance with the Colorado Student Data Transparency and Security Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). When considering a new digital resource it’s imperative that teachers and schools consider what student data, if any, will be provided and whether or not the vendor is committed to protecting the data as required. Resources are available here to help teachers, staff, and administrators evaluate and select digital resources that appropriately protect student data.

What other resources are available?

Ask your school support contacts about: