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Non-LTP iPad Support

Starting March 16th, 2017 all Non-LTP funded iPads purchased through the SVVSD tech store will now be managed and added to our SVVSD MDM. Check out the FAQ’s and workflow process below.

What does this means for schools and departments within SVVSD ?

  • Schools and departments who want to purchase iPads to supplement their technology provided by the Learning Technology Plan (LTP) and/or provide an iPad to a staff member, will now be managed, operate and look the same as LTP funded iPads.

What support is provided for Non-LTP funded iPads?

  • All iPads purchased from the SVVSD Tech store after March 16 will be enrolled into the MDM
    • Ability to obtain suite of apps based on availability/school (Elementary, MS, HS, Staff)
    • Non-LTP iPads in the MDM will have same restrictions and settings as LTP iPads
  • Support for software/MDM/troubleshooting will occur in the same manner as LTP iPads
    • Hardware support- Costs associated for repairs and facilitation after standard Apple warranty expires will be the responsibility of the site.  Repair process for non-LTP equipment
  • Schools and other departments will be responsible for side-loading apps not available in the MDM.  (Schools will use Apple Configurator 2 to side load apps)

What is the cost?

  • A one-time iPad Licensing Fee (iPAL) of $25 per iPad will be applied to all new purchases.  The price on the SVVSD tech store will reflect this added cost into the total price (check out the workflow process for how this fee is collected).
    • This fee covers the cost of a 3 yr MDM licensing fee along with all the paid apps that the are made available in the LAVrev App Store. This fee is subject to change but is only a one time fee per iPad.

What are the current Hardware requirements?

  • iPad mini 4th generation or later, with at least 32 GB of storage
  • iPad Air 2nd generation or later, with at least 32 GB of storage
  • iPad mini 2 (retina display), with at least 32 GB of storage – DTS support for this model ends May 2019
  • 9.7‑inch iPad Pro
  • 12.9‑inch iPad Pro

*For more information please check out the iPad support matrix.

Can schools who purchased an iPad before March 16th, opt-in to this program?

  • Sites and departments who have purchased one of the iPads listed above and made the purchase through SVVSD tech store may be eligible to opt in. Schools who want to pursue opting in may submit a work order request with the number of iPads they would like to add. The school will be responsible for paying the $25 iPAL fee for each iPad.
  • Sites and departments who have purchased iPads outside our SVVSD tech store will not be eligible.
  • Sites and departments who have purchased iPad models other than those listed above are not eligible for this program.

**Please review the processes below for more information on purchasing new iPads and what it takes to get previously purchased iPads enrolled into the MDM.


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