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Launching TestNav and running App Check

These are instructions for launching TestNav and running the App Check.  I’m using a Mac, but the steps are the same for Windows and Chromebooks.  On Windows, the shortcut should be on the Desktop.  On a Chromebook, it should be under Apps on the login screen.  You won’t need to log in to the Chromebook to run TestNav.

Step 1)  Using Spotlight Search, find the TestNav application and double-click to run it.

You will see the following screen come up.

Step 2) Click Colorado

You will now see the following screen.

Look for the drop-down menu at the upper right of the screen.

Step 3) Click the arrow on the drop-down menu, then click App Check.

You will now see the following screen.

Step 4) Enter your school’s Configuration Identifier.

Step 5) Click ‘Run App Check’

Everything should come up green, which means you are good to go for testing!

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