iPad Restriction Settings

All district devices enrolled in our Mobile Device Management (MDM) system receive a base set of restrictions: elementary, middle school, high school, or staff. The level of restrictions is based on the school the iPad is assigned to and the individual who enrolled the iPad. ThisĀ helps to ensure that every device receives the correct restrictions for the assigned user.

In addition to restrictions on the device itself, the network is filtered both on and off the district’s network using Cisco Umbrella. You can learn more about Umbrella here.

When multiple restriction settings overlap, the more restrictive will be respected at all times.

Note: While these restrictions are applied through the MDM, they will NOT appear in Screen Time settings.

Staff Restrictions

Devices assigned to Staff:

  • Explicit content in the iBooks Store is not allowed
  • Playback of explicit music, podcasts, and iTunes U media is not allowed
  • VPN configurations are not allowed
  • Installing configuration profiles is not allowed
  • Trusting of new enterprise app authors is not allowed
  • Limit ad tracking is turned on
  • Proximity setup to new devices is disabled
  • iOS updates may be deferred by district administrators for up to 30 days
  • Passcode is required

High School Restrictions

Devices at high schools and/or enrolled by high school students:

  • All restrictions under Staff Restrictions and
  • Movies and TV shows must be rated G
  • Apps are limited to 12+ or younger
  • The Siri profanity filter is enabled
  • iMessage is disabled
  • Game Center is disabled
  • Apple Music and Apple Radio are disabled
  • Automatic app downloads is disabled

Middle School Restrictions

Devices at middle schools and/or enrolled by middle school students:

  • All Restriction under High School Restrictions and
  • Apps are limited to 9+ or younger

Elementary Restrictions

Devices at elementary schools  that are assigned and enrolled by an elementary student (not shared iPads) have additional restrictions in place:

  • All Restriction under Middle School Restrictions and
  • Apps are limited to 4+ or younger
  • The App Store is disabled
  • Apple’s web content filter is enabled on the device to “Limit Adult Websites”
  • FaceTime is disabled
  • Apple News disabled
  • iBooks Store disabled
  • Passcode is available, but not required