Diagnostics for Insight ACCESS Testing Application

There is a diagnostics tool in the Insight application for ACCESS testing.  The process for accessing the diagnostics is the same no matter which device you use.

Insight ACCESS Testing Application

1. First, load the Insight application.

2. Look for the purple check mark at the bottom left of the screen, and click on it.

3. Type in the access code 7745.  It is the same for all devices in the district.

4. Now you will see the diagnostic screen.  You should see all green checkmarks, indicating that everything is working properly.

5. If you see any red or yellow icons, instead of green checkmarks, click the Execute Tests button again and see if they turn green.

If you do not see all green checkmarks, please call the Help Desk at 303-702-7730 (ext. 57730).

Here is a video with steps taken on a Chromebook to launch the diagnostics tool.