Apple Configurator 2 – Supervision identity backup

Backing up your Supervision Identity in Apple Configurator 2 is helpful in case something happens to your computer or keychain. It will help you continue to “Supervise” your iPads if┬ásomething happens to your computer.

To backup your Apple Configurator Supervision Identity settings:

  1. Launch Apple Configurator 2
  2. From the Apple Configurator 2 menu, choose Preferences
    AC2 Preferences
  3. Select the Organizations tab
  4. Select your Organization and select the “gear” in the lower part of the window
  5. Choose Export Supervision Identity
    AC2 Preferences 2
  6. Name your file with something meaningful (please include your site name as well) and select Save
    AC2 Preferences 3
  7. You may be presented with a prompt to set a password. Do not set a password on your Supervision Identity.
  8. Copy this file to someplace safe, such as Google Drive, for emergencies.