iPad retirement process

When an LTP iPad is no longer in service, it needs to be removed from ASM, Destiny and the MDM.

Examples of retired devices include:

  • iPads that are damaged beyond repair
  • iPads exchanged by Apple during warranty coverage
  • iPads that have experienced 3 major repairs
  • iPads where the repair costs exceed the cost of replacement

Missing iPads should not be retired unless we are sure the device is unrecoverable.


As soon as a device is identified as retired:

  1. Add device to Retired iPads spreadsheet
  2. If possible, erase all content and data from the device
  3. In MDM:
    • Revoke any app licenses
    • Remove enrolled user
    • Set site location to Retired
  4. In ASM:
    • Unassign device
  5. In Destiny:
    • Mark as weeded
  6. In ServiceDesk
    • Set disposition of device to retired
  7. Deliver to warehouse for disposal or resale
  8. Mark device as completed on Retired iPads spreadsheet


  • In Destiny:
    • Remove copy
  • In MDM:
    • Remove device