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Adding Local Admin Rights to a Non-LTP Apple Computer

** For LTP MacBook Air computers local admin rights are applied to the individual user based on a value in Destiny that is triggered by their filling out a web form. This can be manually overridden if it is determined that they should not have this access.  This information is propagated to and can be viewed in Infinite Campus.

For non-LTP Apple computers, desktop or laptop, Air or otherwise, administrative access is applied in the following fashion.

  • The user submits a request.
  • Obtain written authorization from the site principal/ supervisor.
  • Make sure that the supervisor is aware that this will potentially give them admin access to all Apple computers at that site.  They are often not aware of this and will stop the process at that point.
  • If the OK is received then forward the request/ Work Order to the Server Admin group to add the user to the Local Admin group for that site.
  • The user is then added to the local administrators group for that site.  For example:  LEEL Local Administrators Group.
  • This group does not exist on the site computers by default and will need to be added if it has not already been added.
  • The group is added by applying  the LANrev Software Package M_S_AdminAssignment_15.08.12_N to any of the requested Apple computers at that site.
  • The computers may need to be rebooted before the admin rights will be available.

At this point the user should have local administrator rights on any machine that has the local administrators group for that site.  It is site specific, the user will not have rights on any machines outside of that site by default.  The specific local admin groups can only be installed on the computers for their site.  It is mostly based on computer name with a few exceptions.  If you are having issues with it taking effect check the computer name.  This is also why it will not work on the LTP computers since they do not have a site designation in the name.  Please apply only to the computers that need it so we are not arbitrarily giving access to an administrators computer.


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