Apple Configurator 2 – Getting Started

Apple Configurator 2 is used to configuring your schools iPads for classroom use. Below is a list of requirements and things to know when managing your schools iPads.

Requirements for Apple Configurator 2 transition:

  • 10.13.4 (Minimum Mac OS needed to run AC2)
    • This must be done before AC2 can be installed
    • Submit work order if laptop is not at minimum requirements
  • Apple Configurator 2.4
    • Your computer must be running macOS 10.13.4 or newer
    • Submit work order if installation is needed
  • Delegated pf email account ( must be created and assigned
    Delegated account
    Delegated account
    • Those in charge of Configurator will need the password for this Apple ID
    • It is possible to load VPP credits if a credit card is not tied to the account
    • This account will be used to acquire Managed Distribution licenses
    • To see if you have your school’s “PF” account delegated to you:
      • Select your SVVSD Mail profile in the upper right of your email window
      • Any accounts delegated to you will show here
      • If you do not see your schools “PF” account please submit a work order to DTS
  • Submit a work order to be added to Configurator Email Group

Important information:

  • All purchases, including licenses for FREE apps, must be made at with your “PF” account.
  • Managed Distribution licenses must be purchased for both free and paid apps in nearly every case.
  • Do not acquire more licenses than is necessary. A reasonable number above what you currently need is fine to allow for growth or new devices.