Troubleshooting Digital Curricular Tools at Home

Teaching and learning is changing. In the past, access to digital resources, while nice, wasn’t a required part of the curriculum. The move to Colorado Academic Standards changes the expectation of access to technology. In fact, if you were to browse our district curriculum documents, you’d find over 150 direct mentions of technology use in every subject from Art to English to Social Studies and Mathematics.

We realized that in order to provide students and teachers with adequate access to digital tools for learning, we needed to think beyond the computer lab model of technology access and provide ways for every teacher and student to access these tools every day.

This article is designed to provide technical support and guidelines for parents and students accessing SVVSD digital curriculum at home on student iPads.

Logging Into Digital Curriculum

Students should always log into their digital curriculum through the single sign on links on the Ceran page. Links saved on the Home screen, in Favorites, or in Bookmarks may contain tokens that eventually time out, kicking student out of the program.  It’s best to begin a brand new login at the beginning of each class and homework session. To learn more about single sign on with digital curricular tools, click here.

  • Clear out the browser cache by quitting Safari and re-launching
    • Double-tap the home button
    • Swipe up on Safari to quit the browser
    • Tap on the Safari icon to re-launch
  • Go to
  • Click on the tab for “K8 Schools”, “Elementary Schools”, “Middle Schools” or “High Schools”
  • Click on the icon for the digital curriculum
  • Log into the curriculum with your district username and password

Note: If you’re automatically logged into the curriculum without having to enter your username and password, then you’re using a stale single sign-on session that may time out unexpectedly. If this happens, start over by quitting Safari and re-launching.

Checking iPad Settings

Some settings on the iPad can also interfere with access to online digital curriculum.

Are Cookies enabled?

  • Go to Settings > Safari
  • Tap on “Block Cookies”
  • Select either “Allow from Websites I Visit” or “Always Allow” (any other setting may block content)

Is JavaScript turned on?

  • Go to Settings > Safari
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Advanced”
  • Tap to turn on JavaScript (button should be green)

Are Restrictions turned on?

  • Go to Settings > Screen Time
  • Is Screen Time turned “On”

Note: Some restrictions may interfere with access to content. For more information on using Restrictions and Whitelisting websites for curriculum, click here.

Is Private Browsing turned off?

  • Open Safari
  • Is the address bar white or black? If black, private browsing is enabled
  • To turn off private browsing, tap on the pages icon in the upper right corner, tap on “Private” to turn off and then “Done”

Are there any saved passwords?

  • Go to Settings > Safari and tap on “Passwords”
  • Tap the “Edit” link in the upper right corner
  • Tap to select each saved password and tap “Delete”

Note: It’s best to NOT save passwords. To turn off this feature, go to Settings > Safari, tap on “AutoFill” and turn off “Names and Passwords”

Try resetting Safari:

  • Close all tabs in Safari
  • Quit out of all applications by double-tapping the Home button and swiping up on all applications
  • Go to Settings > Safari and tap on “Clear History and Website Data”
  • Restart the iPad by holding down the power button until the slider control appears and then slide to power off. Wait a minute and power back on.
  • Log back in through the link on Ceran

Additional General iPad Troubleshooting

Using iPad Restrictions and Whitelisting Websites

Parents may wish to enable Restrictions on their student’s iPad and restrict all websites except those explicitly whitelisted. This article lists currently known websites that must be whitelisted for digital curricular tools to function.

Offline Access to Digital Curriculum

HMH Collections –  Secondary Language Arts, Grades 6-12

Collections’ materials include an ePub version that allows students to access their Student eBook on their iPad through an app called HMH eTexbooks. Although the ePub version does not include all the functionality of the web-based version, students can read, highlight passages and takes notes.  These annotations remain in the ePub and do not transfer to the web based version.  If interested, please contact your child’s Language Arts teacher for access.


Pearson digits – Middle School Mathematics, Grades 6-8

There is no offline access for digits, but Homework Helper hardbound books are available for check-out from schools.  Please contact your child’s math teacher if interested.

Additional troubleshooting tips for digits


Discovery Education Techbook – Middle School Science and Social Studies, Grades 6-8

Most Discovery Ed content is available offline through the Discovery Ed Techbook app. Students must download the content while online but then may access it anywhere.


McGraw-Hill Asi se Dice – Middle School Spanish, Grades 6-8

Students can access Asi si Dice digital materials through the web interface and through the McGraw-Hill ConnectED iPad app, which allows students to download and access the eText offline.