How to Remove a Personal iPad (BYOD) from Mobile Device Management (MDM)

When a students or staff members utilize their own iPads, they are labeled as a BYOD. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. These devices are enrolled in the district Mobile Device Management (MDM) system and receive many settings, such as wireless configuration, restrictions, and apps. When the BYOD is no longer needed, the device can be removed from MDM.

Removing a BYOD from MDM will remove all MDM-based configurations. This includes access to the St. Vrain Valley Schools wireless network, imposed restrictions, and provided applications.

Steps to Remove a BYOD iPad from the MDM

  • Open Settings > tap General (1 in the image below), then VPN & Device Management (2 in the image below).
  • Tap MDM Profile (1 in the image below). After removing the profile in the next step, return here and repeat for CA Certificate (2 in the image below).
  • Tap Remove Management, then confirm the removal of the profiles in any messages that pop up.