Infinite Campus Individual Communication Preferences

The St. Vrain Valley School District communicates directly to staff and parents through the Messenger tool in its student information system, Infinite Campus (IC).

To select and update your communication preferences in Infinite Campus:

  • Parents:
    • Log into the Infinite Campus Portal
    • Select Contact Preferences from the Index on the left side
    • Select each checkbox based on your specific preferences for Messenger communication
      Note: each category is explained below
  • District Employees:

Your changes will be reviewed and processed within one business day.

These are the Messenger types:

Scroll down to Personal Contact Information. Optionally, make any changes to the Secondary (personal) Email, Cell Phone, Other Phone, and/or Work Phone numbers. Select the desired communication preferences. Click "Save Request".
  • Emergency – Used for immediate communication from the district
    Example: weather-related school closures, school lockdowns, etc.
  • Attendance – Automated messages sent by the schools to notify parents of unknown (Parent has not excused the absence) absences
  • Behavior – Not used
  • General Notification – Can be sent from school or district for general announcements that have no time constraint
    Example: parent-teacher conference, back to school night, school carnival, etc.
  • Priority Notification – Can be sent by the school or district for time-sensitive information that needs to go out in the next 24 hours.  Example: event cancellations.
  • Teacher – Sent out by teachers
    Example: missing assignments, failing grades, and general classroom information
    Note: Secondary students can receive general classroom information messages

Each of the message types can be selected or deselected for each method of contact provided to the district (e.g., email address, home phone, cell phone, work phone).