Loss and Theft Processes for Student District iPads

IMPORTANT! Time is of the essence in this process. Please make sure that teachers and students know to report any loss or theft immediately.

What do I do if a student can’t find their iPad?

  • First, ensure that school administration and your School Resource Officer (SRO) are informed.
  • Second, use the Find My app to attempt to locate the device. This option is only available if the student has set up and is using an Apple ID.
  • If the device is at a location that is unknown to the user, DO NOT attempt to recover it without involving your SRO. Directions for students and parents are linked on your school LTP site.
  • Students under the age of 13 without an Apple ID or those who do not have the Find My app set up can attempt to self-locate their iPad within any school building by following the steps at this St. Vrain Valley School District Technology Services Site.

If the iPad is not located using one of the two options above:

  • Have your school administration or LTP – Site Coordinator report the iPad Lost in Jamf. For staff equipment lost School Admin must submit a work ticket using this Help Desk form.  Include as much information as possible. Note: This is only available via login by a school administrator.
  • In addition to initiating tracking, District Technology Services (DTS) staff will implement procedures that should render the device unusable and provide onscreen contact information for return of the device to the district.

If I still cannot locate the device, what do I do next?

  • If requested by DTS, submit a police report.
  • DTS will notify the person submitting the report of the cost to the user and add the iPad replacement cost to the student’s fee tabs in Infinite Campus (IC). If the user has purchased insurance, the cost will be 50% of the current iPad replacement cost.
  • In MDM DTS will set the status of the item to lost. It will be transferred out of your school’s inventory. Please do NOT check the device in.

What do students do in the meantime?

  • School should give the student a replacement iPad. If they “do not” have insurance the school should offer the parents/student a chance to purchase iPad insurance on their replacement iPad. Either way, the school should give the student a replacement iPad so they can continue their school work.


  • A fee for a missing iPad will be assigned once the investigation and wait period is complete, typically within one week.
  • These fees will carry across school locations in the district.
  • If you believe the family requires assistance in paying for the missing device, the school should work with the parents on either a payment plan or you may offer service as an option in lieu of payment. Your school can determine the type and amount of service appropriate. A good guideline would be a minimum of 30 hours of service by the student and/or family. Any community service completed by the student should be reported to DTS so we can adjust any fees in IC.
  • Families should NOT submit police reports or insurance claims to their personal insurance, as the district owns the students’ iPads.

Here are examples of forms to use with students who need to be setup on payment plans and/or provide service in lieu of payment:

How do I communicate with a parent once the investigation is complete?

Here is a sample letter to use:

Dear (Parents),

The St. Vrain Valley School District has completed its investigation of your reported loss of your student’s district assigned iPad. Based on the outcome, we have assigned a fee of $xxx for this loss. You can view this fee in Infinite Campus and can pay this fee in person or in RevTrak. This fee will follow your student until it has been paid. Once this fee is paid, a replacement iPad will be assigned to your student.

(School Administrator)

What happens if the student has left the district and has not returned the iPad?

Students sometimes forget to turn in their iPad or leave the district unexpectedly.  Click here for our process in helping recover the iPad.