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iPad Support Tools for Schools

What support tools does DTS make available for schools?

  • Destiny for student iPad checkout
  • JamfControl MDM for managing iPads
  • The SVVSD Tech store to purchase replacement accessories for sale to students
  • Service Desk Schools portal to search for open tickets
  • Infinite Campus
    • Network login tab for viewing insurance status, asset tag and serial number
    • iPad ID (under the Index page) for locating the current user of an iPad by searching for asset tag or serial number
    • iPad Fees for allowing students to purchase accessories from your school
    • AdHoc reports to determine any outstanding iPad fees and to generate a list of students with no iPad checked out
    • Messenger templates for pre-created email messages to send to parents with introductory information and messages to communicate about fees and repairs.


Where does information live about student iPads?

  • Destiny is the authoritative source for checking out iPads to students
  • MDM is the authoritative source for enrolling a student in their iPad
  • IC/RevTrack is the authoritative source for any outstanding fees for lost/missing and repair costs
  • IC/RevTrack is the authoritative source for insurance status
  • Service Desk is the authoritative source for information on repair status
  • Note: The Network login tab and the iPad ID link in IC collates much of this information, but the data is read from the sources above nightly.


What information is located in IC for students?

On the Network login tab, you can see the following information:

  • iPad Serial number and Asset Tag number
  • Participation in optional insurance and if insurance has been applied to a repair

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How do I locate information about an iPad that was found and turned in to me?

If you need to search for an iPad by asset tag or serial number (such as one left behind in a classroom), log into IC and in the Index select iPad ID. A new tab will open that will allow you to search.


What messages are pre-loaded for me in ShoutPoint and how do I access them?

In shoutpoint, you will find the following messages available for your use:

  • Pre-distribution messages to remind parents about your orientation and your distribution dates
  • Post-distribution messages to help parents learn more about the iPad
  • A message to send when a student iPad has been serviced

To access these messages, click here for directions.


What other tools are available to my school to assist in managing our iPads?

The district uses Jamf MDM to manage student and teacher iPads. More information on using this tool can be found here. Trainings are held 2-3 times per year for new users.

How do we handle replacement iPad accessories?

Once your school receives your iPads, there will be instances of lost and damaged accessories.  DTS will provide schools with a supply of accessories to use for resale to your students.  

The schools will charge the students for any accessories that are missing or damaged using the “iPad accessories” fee in Infinite Campus. Once paid, the school will use this school stock to provide a replacement to the student. The money from these sales will be deposited in a school student activity account. Current suggested costs are available in the documentation for Check-In.

Students with insurance may request that a damaged cable be replaced. Use your stock of cables to offer the student a replacement at no charge.  Keep the damaged cables and when you have a total of 10 replacements, send them in to DTS for exchange. You must return damaged cables to DTS in order to exhange at no cost to your school.

When the initial items have been distributed, it is up to the school to replenish the replacement items using the funds available in the student activity account.  This can be done via the SVVSD Tech Store. Exact pricing for restocking is subject to change based on our current costs.

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