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iOS Pre-release Testing Guidelines

The purpose of this testing group is provide timely feedback on issues that may affect how quickly we are able to adopt the next version of iOS.

Testers acknowledge the following:

  1. Using pre-release software has risks, and as such the device may be subject to being reset at any time or may become unusable. Do not leave original content, such as pictures, only on the device. Transfer to Google Drive or some other location in case of device failure.
  2. If a device becomes unusable, either entirely or if a part of curriculum fails, you must contact your advisor. A replacement device, not to be used in pre-release testing, will be supplied. There is no excuse for not being able to complete an assignment.
  3. Issues should be reported as early as possible, to make sure all relevant details are recorded.
  4. Other SVVSD Staff may contact to the student, through their advisor, for additional clarification if needed.
  5. Testers agree to abide by the original expectations and commitments when they received their device. Attempts to move beyond the scope identified are not permitted. This includes attempting to install unapproved provisioning and configuration profiles, as well as attempting to jailbreak the device.

Process for becoming a tester

This program is currently restricted to a very small group. It is by invite from DTS only, although entirely voluntary.

After a tester has agreed to abide by the guidelines above, please submit a work order with the asset tag of the device that will be used for testing.

  1. Add “Tester” to the SVVSD Notes of the device in MDM.
  2. 2 new profiles will show up under Profiles in Absolute Apps. These will need to be installed.
    iOS Beta Software Profile – provides over-the-air updates to allow access to latest beta from Apple.
    Web clips – iOS Testing Feedback – web clip that provides a link to the Feedback Form

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