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Enrollment and Staff Change Processes

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.32.58 AM How do I request additional devices for new staff or students?

For iPad requests, use the work order form here. We will make every effort to supply additional iPads within 3 work days.

Note that you will need to know the student or employee ID number in order to complete the request. Remember that iPads are issued to teachers who instruct students at least 50% of the day.

How do I reset and reassign iPads that were assigned to students and teachers who are not returning?

Follow the processes for checking in devices here. For student devices, shut the device down and store in a secure location for assignment to a new student.

For teacher devices, you must also submit a work order so that the device assignment in Destiny and the MDM can be modified to prepare for the next teacher.  Use the link here to submit:

What if this iPad was used by a student who is transferring to another school in SVVSD?

Follow the processes for checking in devices here. The student will be assigned an iPad from the stock of their new school when they enroll.

What if this iPad was used by a teacher who isn’t returning to the district or who is transferring to a non-teaching position?

Notify DTS via a work order to check in the device from the teacher in Destiny.The device will be sent to DTS to replenish inventory at another school.


What if this iPad was used by a teacher who is transferring to another district position?

If the teacher is moving into another half-time or greater teaching position at a site where teachers already have devices issued under the LTP, the device will be retained by that teacher and no action is necessary by the school. Notify DTS via a work order that a new device is needed if the vacated teaching position will be filled by another teacher. If unsure, notify DTS prior to the teacher’s last day at your school.


What do I do for a long-term sub?

If there will be a long term substitute replacing the teacher who is leaving, notify DTS via a work order if a long-term sub is in need of a laptop or iPad.

What steps should I take to (re-)assign an iPad to a teacher or student?

For students, follow the directions you used with other students at orientation. If this is an in-district transfer, they may have already paid for insurance. If so, that coverage transfers with the student to their new school.


For teachers, if they are transferring from another school, an iPad may have already been assigned. You can check their iPad checkout status using the Destiny library system. For new teachers, you may place a work order and have the iPad re-assigned to a new teacher.  Remember to share the Teacher Expectations and Commitments documents with the new hire. Directions for setting up a new LTP teacher iPad can be found here.


What are the guidelines for the school loaner fleet?

Each school is assigned a loaner fleet of one device for every 125 students. These should be kept in a secure location and be charged for use when needed. Schools will need to use their discretion in determining when to assign a loaner to:

  • new students, until their devices are delivered
  • students whose iPads are in for repair
  • students who have reported their iPads lost or stolen
  • students who have outstanding iPad fees and do not have an iPad assigned to them

Schools will also need to determine if the loaner device should remain at school or be available for home use.


When a student is assigned a spare, be sure to check it out to them in Destiny and check it back in when their iPad is returned to them. Upon return of a spare, make sure to have the student reset the device so that it is ready for the next student.

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