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Check-in Processes

flowchart of check-in processes

What tools are available to assist with check-in?

  • A report is available in IC under Custom Reports > Library > iPad Check-In that you can print and place in each student’s storage bag.
  • Letters to inform parents and students about your check-in date are located in Shoutpoint. An additional example from Mead Middle can be found here.

What do I do if accessory items aren’t returned at check-in?

Returning students are required to return an iPad in working condition and a case. You may optionally collect their charger and cable to store as a courtesy to the student. Only charge students for a case if one isn’t returned or if it is no longer capable of protecting the iPad. If a returning student doesn’t return a charger, only add the fee if they wish to purchase a charger from you. Make a note on their return checklist that the charger wasn’t returned.

8th graders, seniors, and non-returning students are required to return an iPad in working condition and a charger. The case can be considered a consumable and DTS will provide new cases for any new enrollee.

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Add the cost of missing or damaged items to the student’s fee tabs using the YOURSCHOOL: iPad Accessory fee in IC. Use the comments field in the fee to denote which items were not returned.

Payments to this fee are placed in your school activities fund. Once the fee is paid, replace these items from your school store stock. Notify parent of any items that aren’t returned or are damaged and void the fee if the items are returned.

Costs for common items:   (updated April 2019)

  • Power adapter: $19
  • Case: $28.10

These items are part of your school store stock – replacements can be purchased by your school via the SVVSD Store in the Accessories and iPad categories.

DO NOT assess charges to a student for an iPad that is not returned. Instead have your administration report the device as missing to DTS and to your SRO.

What do I do if an iPad is returned in a damaged or unusable state?

Follow the process for iPad repairs. If a student is not returning to the district, contact DTS via a work order to expedite the assignment of fees for damage if the student is not covered by insurance.

IMPORTANT: At the end of the year, it may take several weeks before fees can be processed by DTS. Be sure to notify parents that a fee is pending. (A template is available in Shoutpoint.)

When should a returning student be charged for a replacement case?

Returning students should be charged for a replacement case only when the case no longer adequately protects the iPad.  Alternatively, schools may exchange cases in poor condition with leftover or used cases from previous years/students.

What should be inspected to determine physical damage?

Inspect the display and corners of the iPad. If there are any dents in the corners, if the iPad appears to be bent, or if you observe cracks in the glass, a work order should be submitted. The device will be collected by DTS for repair. DTS will either assess a fee or use an insurance incident, if applicable. The student and parents should be notified of the damage at the time of inspection.

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What if this device was used by a student who isn’t returning?

For students, make sure to charge the device to at least 30% and shut down the device before placing in storage. This device may be collected by DTS if needed to replenish inventory at another school.

What if this device was used by a teacher who isn’t returning to the district or who is transferring to a non-teaching position?

Notify DTS via a work order to check in the device from the teacher in Destiny and collect the iPad from your location.

What if this device was used by a teacher who is transferring to another district position?

If the teacher is moving into another half-time or greater teaching position, the device will be retained by that teacher and no action is necessary by the school. Notify DTS via a work order that a new device is needed if the vacated teaching position will be filled with another teacher. If unsure, notify DTS prior to the teacher’s last day at your school.  

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