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Administrator Access Guidelines and Process

Administrator access privileges on a computer provide the ability to install software and change system settings not available to all accounts. DTS may enable administrator access on computers based upon need and with supervisor approval. Administrators at the principal or director level or higher may approve their own administrator access.


Please note that an individual teacher requesting administrator access to the LTP laptop assigned to him or her should use the web form for this.


To request administrator access, a supervisor should send an email to the Manager of Technical Support with the following information:

  • The name of the staff member for whom administrator access is being requested
  • The computers for which the access is being requested. This could include the entire school, specific labs, or a list of specific computers.
  • Reason for the request.


Guidelines for a staff member being granted administrator access:

  • Should only be used when required to perform assigned tasks that require more rights than a standard account.
  • Should only be used when required to complete assigned support requests with documented approval.
  • Responsibility for backing up local computer data lies with the person using the computer. DTS will not provide data recovery services.
  • If there is a problem with an administrator-enabled computer requiring more than 15 minutes of troubleshooting by a technician, it may be erased and reloaded with the basic district software.
  • Periodic monitoring may be conducted by management to ensure compliance.
  • Auditing shall be conducted to track additions/modifications/removals made by administrative accounts.
  • All account passwords shall be modified according to current password change policies
  • Accounts and passwords shall not to be shared or given to others, including co-workers and students.
  • Unintentional access to another person’s data or e-mail shall be immediately reported to a supervisor.


Unacceptable uses of administrator access:

  • Sharing of account information with students or staff. This is a violation of Board policy GBEE and GBEE-R.
  • Logging in to a computer with administrator access and allowing someone else to use the privileged (administrator) account.
  • Installation of software in violation of license agreements (e.g., paying for one copy and installing on multiple computers). Violation of license agreements or terms of use can be harmful to students and to the district.
  • Renaming computers. Management of computers by DTS is heavily dependent upon the computer names remaining the same.
  • Installation of software that has been denied through the Software Adoption process (installation of Google Earth for student use, for example).
  • Using this access to circumvent the Software Adoption process (installing a new piece of software in an entire lab instead of following the process, for example).
  • Using administrative privileges to create additional and/or unauthorized accounts.
  • Adding or enabling services without approval from DTS staff. Enabling a service that interferes with an existing server or the network could cause major problems.
  • Disabling or removing software maintained by DTS.
  • Accessing data belonging to other staff members or students, or providing access for another person to do so, except as permitted by district procedure. Human Resources must approve access to another staff member’s files, for example.


Please notify DTS staff when a staff member with administrator access is leaving a building and we will change the access privileges appropriately.
Violating the terms above for administrator access may result in administrator access being revoked or disciplinary action.

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