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Pre-Distribution Processes

flowchart of distribution processes

Ensure Devices are Ready

What should I do to ensure my devices are ready for checkout?

For new device deployments or increases in student enrollment, DTS will deliver boxes of iPads (in case), cables, and chargers about a week before your first distribution date. Ensure that you have accurate inventory for your anticipated student count.

DTS will also deliver a set of cables to provide to your incoming 6th or 9th grade class annually.

If you are distributing over multiple days, set aside any devices that have issues and submit a work order as soon as possible so they can be reset or replaced to be distributed on following nights.

For returning students who may need replacement accessories, make sure school stock of cables is adequate to meet anticipated beginning of year demand. DTS will provide your school with an initial stock of cables, chargers, and cases for purchase by students. Your school will need to use the funds from student purchase of those items to restock your school store supply as needed. You may purchase cables, chargers, and cases from the SVVSD Store.  Note: The SVVSD Store is only available on the district network and is for internal use only.

Hold Parent Meeting

Is there a parent presentation template?

DTS has created a template for a presentation to use in your parent orientation. Please make a copy of the slide deck so you can customize the information to fit your school.  

What information should we provide in our presentation?

Please be sure to mention and emphasize the following information:

  • School vision and learning goals for iPad use
  • Any school changes in processes due to the LTP
  • Optional iPad Insurance
  • Expectations and Commitments
  • Creating an Apple ID
  • Affordable internet options for those families without internet.  Click here for more information.

What questions should I be prepared to answer from parents in our presentation?

We have noticed that common parent questions surround the following topics:

  • Damage, theft and loss
  • Insurance policies
  • Student safety both at school and at home (filtering, education, resources)
  • Setting up restrictions
  • Screen time and educational philosophy of your building (How will these devices be used?  How do they support your building goals and/or school focus?)

The Parent FAQs. and the extended question lists have been compiled from parent questions received from our readiness sites.  

Distribute Parent Packet

What should be included in the parent packet you distribute as part of the LTP?

  • An introduction letter from your school. (Here’s an example from Coal Ridge)
  • LTP Documents (updated versions will be available by May each year)
    • Student Expectations and Commitments
    • Parent Expectations and Commitments
    • Insurance Information
    • Agreement form
    • Spanish versions if needed

What else would be useful to include in the parent packet?

Notify Parents of Insurance 

How will insurance fees be assigned and what do I need to tell parents?

At the start of each school year, DTS will assign an optional iPad insurance fee to each student. Parents who choose to opt into the insurance pool will need to make a payment toward the premium before the insurance window closes (typically 30 days after the start of school). These dates will be communicated to you and available on the LTP Calendar. Before the window opens, send a message home to parents to communicate. A sample letter can be found here.

If parents pay for insurance in person, it is important to note the student name in the payment so that it can be recorded correctly.

How do I determine if there are any outstanding fees that will keep a student from participating in the current insurance pool?

Use Infinite Campus to run the appropriate Ad-hoc report. Any students with outstanding iPad insurance fees, even if from another school, should not be able to join the current insurance pool until those fees are paid.

You should inform parents prior to your distribution dates of any issues that may keep their student from receiving an iPad.

Service is an option for families who cannot afford to pay for a lost or damaged iPad. Please see the documents on service and loss for details.

Creating Apple IDs

What do parents need to know about creating an Apple ID?

For students 13 and above, share information with parents on creating an Apple ID without a credit card. Encourage parents to set up a unique Apple ID for their student rather than using a parent ID to simplify any shared calendars, contacts, or messages that may be a part of a parent’s account. Family sharing is another option for creating and managing Apple IDs.

For students below the age of 13, no Apple ID is needed.

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