iPad Care

General Care:

  • Always keep your iPad in the district-issued protective case.
  • Do not set books or other items on top of the iPad.
  • Use the iPad on a flat, stable surface
  • Keep food and drinks away from the iPad.
  • Avoid touching the screen with pens or pencils.
  • Do not leave the iPad exposed to direct sunlight or near any heat, cold or moisture sources for extended periods of time.

Heat and Cold Exposure:

  • Never store your iPad in a locked car.
  • Store the iPad in temperatures between 32° F and 90° F.
  • The ideal temperature for iPad storage and use is room temperature, approximately 70° F.

Battery Tips:

  • Charge iPad when it has less than 20% battery life left.
  • Optimize your settings to maximize battery life.
  • See additional Apple Support recommendations here.

Additional iPad Care Tips: