Mobile Device Management and Student iPads

Mobile Device Management and Student iPads

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM is a process used by the district to remotely manage and configure iPads. Using an MDM server, the district can:

  • Install, analyze and change apps, settings, and restrictions
  • Publish a list of recommended apps and provide licenses for paid apps
  • Lock or unlock an iPad, reset forgotten passcodes and wipe (erase) iPads that are lost or stolen
  • Render iPads unusable if lost or stolen

Does MDM allow the district to track my iPad?

MDM allows the district to locate an iPad if it is reported lost or stolen. This feature will only be accessed after a written request from a school administrator (Principal, Director, etc.) has been approved by the Chief Technology Officer. Initiating tracking does not guarantee that a device can be located or recovered.

MDM location services are not enabled for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) users. The only way for a BYOD user to locate a lost or stolen device is by using Find My iPad of their own volition.

What restrictions are set on student iPads?

Currently, the following restrictions are set on all student devices. These policies may be updated or changed as we gather feedback.

  • Explicit content in iTunes and iBooks are blocked
  • TV and Movie ratings in iTunes are set to G level
  • Apps are set to allow no higher than the 12+ level for HS, 9+level for MS and 4+level for Elementary
  • Profanity filters in Siri are enabled

How do I find and install apps provided by the district?

Use the Self Service app to locate and install apps recommended by the district. Directions for installing apps can be found here.

What if I bring my own device (BYOD)?

Students may elect to bring their own device (BYOD) in lieu of receiving a district device. The BYOD device must be the same model as the district device and capable of running the latest operating system.

BYOD users can enroll in the district’s MDM. Doing so will allow access to district provided apps and will enable the same restrictions as other district-owned student iPads. Directions for enrolling your BYOD device in the district’s MDM program can be requested from your school.

If BYOD users choose not to enroll in the MDM, they will be required to purchase any apps required by the school. Students will still be responsible for following the district’s Responsible Use policies.

Device tracking will not be available on BYOD devices. Setting up Find My iPad is recommended.

What happens if I remove MDM settings?

If you are a BYOD user, removing the MDM settings will remove district provided apps and settings from your iPad. Doing so may also remove any documents that are stored in apps provided by the district.

If you are using a district-owned device, removing the MDM settings is a violation of the LTP Expectations and Commitments and may result in disciplinary action.