Word Processing Options on Your MacBook

There are 3 main word processing options for your Macbook.

         Apple iWork Suite                 Microsoft Office Suite                                 Google Drive
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Each tool has its own pros and cons.

  1. Apple iWork Suite- Using the iWork Suite on your MacBook has the benefit of being native software to Apple- so hopefully you will have fewer issues than using non-native software. Because it is made by Apple, you can do work in any of the applications on your MacBook, and continue working on it on your iPad through the use of iCloud. For more information on what you can do within each device, see What’s New. 
    1. Pages
    2. Keynote
    3. Numbers
  2. Microsoft Office Suite- Using the Microsoft Office Suite on your MacBook has the disadvantage of not being native to Apple, and therefore some features may potentially not work as they would on a PC. A benefit of using Office is the ability to import those files into iWork files easily. Click here to check compatibility for Office to iWork.
  3. Google Drive Apps- Using the Google Drive Apps on your MacBook has the benefit of being collaborative with other users. Each of the applications allows real time collaborative editing, including revision history to see who edited what & when. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides are all available in separate iOS Apps and therefore can be worked on using multiple devices in real time. Google Forms and Draw do not yet have individual apps, but can be accessed through the internet and worked on collaboratively. The downside to this is the need for a connection to the internet, whereas both iWork and Microsoft Office do not need internet to function.