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Old Student Files Periodically Deleted from Lab Computers

Starting in mid-November, to improve lab computer performance, old student files will automatically be deleted periodically. Specifically, if a student has not logged on to a specific lab computer for over 90 days, the student’s files saved on that computer will be deleted.

Files saved on a computer that a student has logged onto in the last 89 days will not be deleted. Files saved in Google Drive will not be deleted. Files saved in student shares on a file server will not be deleted. Teacher and staff files will not be deleted.

Attention: It is always good practice to backup your files. Files can be backed up to a USB drive, Google Drive, or to a share on a file server. If you are unsure if your data is backed up, log into a computer you don’t use often and try to access one of your more recent documents.

Technical Note: Computers subject to this process contain “-L#-” in their name. For example: CRMS-L3-123456

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