Staff Name Change

The following is an overview and instructions for changing your employee name with St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Request a Name Change

To request a name change start by reaching out to Human Resources at 303-682-7435 (x 57435)

  • HR will send out a Name Change form electronically

Then take your new Social Security card with your new legal name into Human Resources.

Note: Do not ask your school’s registrar to change your name.

Upon receipt of the above forms, Human Resource updates your information in Infinite Visions (the district’s employee database) and with your insurance provider. They then forward your name change request to Technology Services.

At this point, you will receive an email from the Help Desk asking you to call one of our System Administrators.

Please note: during the technology name change process you will need to be at a district site logged out for 10 to 60 minutes depending on the number of devices you use. (computers, iPads, etc.)

New Username and Old Password

Your new username will be in the district’s standard format: last_first as printed on your new Social Security card.

Generally your password will not have changed. In some cases, our Systems Administrators may need to coordinate with you and reset your password to complete the technology name change process.

Your new username and password will now work to authenticate and access the following:

  • District issued computers, laptops & Citrix
    • All previous documents, settings and permissions are retained.
  • St. Vrain Google email and other Google apps
    • All email, documents, and document share settings are retained.
  • Infinite Campus
  • Infinite Visions
  • svvsd Wireless network

Many  district systems will be updated automatically but it will take additional time for other systems to synchronize and start using your new username. Until that time they should continue to work with your previous username and password. Visit Codex to learn more about specific systems.

Other systems, may need to be updated manually. If you are unable to log into a specific system after a couple days with your new name, please find the system on Codex and contact the Support Contact.

Next Steps

Google Mail

1. Notify your Contacts

Send out an email to your [email protected] list and other important contacts letting them know you have changed your name. Your email address has been changed but the information they have in their Contacts/Address Book has not.

Sample Email


I wanted to let you know I have a new St. Vrain email address. Please remove my old email address from your Contacts as soon as possible (Instructions) and send all future emails to [email protected]

Caution: Even though the name and email address have changed your computer may still try to auto-complete to it.  If you continue to see my old name in your contacts, open Google contacts and select Other Contacts at the bottom of the list on the left side.  Remove my contact record there.

Thanks, New Name

2. Update Your Signature

In email go to the gear > Settings, scroll down to Signature. Please include the following in your signature:

School/Department Name
St. Vrain Valley Schools
Telephone Number and Extension
Classroom Web Address

Infinite Visions

The next time you log into Infinite Visions you will need to re-verify your birthday, last 4 SSN, ZIP code and mailing address.

Toshiba Copiers

The next time you use one the Toshiba copiers you will be prompted to enter your new username and password.

Other Systems

If you use any of the following you may need to update as below.

  • Google Calendar
    • If the Google Calendar still displays your previous name, go to the Calendar Settings. In the Calendar Name field enter your new email address and click Save
  • Google+ (More Information)
    • If you had Google+ previously enabled, you will need to rename your Google+ profile.
  • LTP iPads
    • A new profile has been pushed to your iPad. You will be prompted several times to re-enter your password to access the new account name. Do not skip these.
  • iPhones and non-LTP iPads
    • You are responsible for any settings changes that may need to be made after the name change. (More Information)