Cisco Phone Extension and Voicemail Management

Choose Sign In from the St. Vrain Phone Management website, and then enter your district staff username (lastname_firstname) and password. Make sure not to enter your full email address.


Sign into St. Vrain Phone Management to reset your own telephone Personal Identification Number (PIN).

All @ Group Administrators

Sign into St. Vrain Phone Management to modify telephone information for all phones at your campus.

Note: Teachers changing classrooms should take their classroom phone to their new classroom. Their extension and voicemail will move with the phone to their new classroom. Teachers do not take their classroom phone if moving to a new campus.

After you have signed in, you will see a list of all phones on your campus, identified by the extension on the phone. To make changes to a phone, click Edit.

Step-by-Step Instructions

In this tutorial, we will be editing a phone with the extension of 58444. As you can see in the screenshot below, extension 58444 is assigned to user April Findley. Additionally, you can also tell that a voicemail account is set up for this phone because it shows [email protected] under Voicemail. Notice that the phone is set as a person specific phone with voicemail and is assigned to user April Findley.

Click Edit to assign the phone to a new user, change the phone to a generic/unused phone with no voicemail, or reset the voicemail PIN.

Note: Before assigning an extension to a different user, completely remove the old user first by setting it to a generic phone line.  The following paragraph explains how to do this.

Remove User from a Phone

To remove a user from the phone and set it as a generic name or vacant, select the Generic phone line or unused phone radio button. Type in the name you want for the phone, and click Save Changes. The name on the phone will be changed and the voicemail account will be deleted.

When an extension has been successfully set to generic, the following example should appear:

Assign User to a Phone with Voicemail

To assign a new user to a phone with voicemail, find the phone you want to change and click Edit. If it is not already selected, click the Person specific phone line with voicemail radio button. Next to assigned user, select your new user from the drop down list. Click Save.

If a user already has a voicemail account at a different extension, that account will be moved to the new extension. If they are a new user, a new voicemail account will be created with the default PIN of 12345. If a user forgets their voicemail PIN, you can edit their phone and assign a new PIN. Enter the new PIN into the box next to Reset PIN:, then click Reset PIN.

You will receive a message letting you know the PIN has been successfully reset.

Note: If you would like a staff member to reset their own voicemail PIN, they can go to the same website, St. Vrain Phone Management, login with their district username and password, and reset their PIN.

Standard School Extensions

  • xxx01 Principal
  • xxx02-04 Assistant Principal(s)
  • xxx06 Main Number/Office
  • xxx08 Attendance Clerk
  • xxx09 Counseling
  • xxx10 Custodial
  • xxx11 Kitchen
  • xxx12 Health
  • xxx13 Library
  • xxx14 Athletics

If you have any questions, feedback, or run into any problems, please contact April Findley at [email protected] or call extension 58444.