AirServer FAQ’s

Can my AirServer license be moved from my LTP-purchased Mac to another computer?
No, the software needs to stay with the LTP-purchased Mac since it is the primary display computer in the classroom and will be refreshed in the future.


I work in the district and do not have an LTP provided laptop. How can I purchase AirServer for a district computer that was not provided by the LTP?
To purchase AirServer for a computer that was not provided by the LTP, an email should be sent to Mary Malpezzi with the request. The email should be sent by someone with budget authority and must include the following information:

  • Indicate a request for AirServer
  • Quantity (at $3.99 per computer)
  • Asset tag number for each computer
  • Room numbers of the computers (so a tech can find you/your computer)
  • Account code to be charged.

A work order with the same information must be submitted at the same time.


Can I buy my own copy of AirServer and have you install it?
When DTS purchases a copy of AirServer, we add it to our existing license key so that we can deploy the software and update it for you automatically. With personal purchases, installation, license key entry, and updates are manual, so we don’t have the capacity to support this.


How do I set up AirServer?
There is an AirServer setup document with videos available.