St. Vrain Valley School District Web Filter Overview

The St. Vrain Valley School District Responsible Use Policy states the district shall take reasonable steps to protect students from accessing material and information that is obscene, pornographic or otherwise harmful to minors. You can read more about the district’s content filtering guidelines here. More information regarding SVVSD’s networks can be found here.

  • Websites (URLs) and web content is filtered on the district’s networks by the following groups:
    • K-8 Students: (default)
      • Elementary School Students
      • Middle School Students
      • Guests
      • Computers and mobile devices connected to svvsd-guest wireless network
    • 9-12 Students: High School Students
    • Staff: Teachers, staff, and other employees
    • Internet of Things (IoT): Approved devices connected to the svvsd-iot network
  • Staff and higher grade levels will get access to more sites and content than lower levels according to age level appropriateness.
  • Students and staff that log onto a district computer (Macintosh or Windows) while attached with a wired network connection, or on the svvsd wireless network, should automatically have their group’s web filter settings for the day.
  • Students and staff that are using a mobile device (Chromebook, iPad, etc.) or are already logged onto their computer when it connects to the district’s network will automatically have K-8 Student web filter settings.
    • Secondary students and staff can gain access to their filter level by logging in at
    • This access will last for the remainder of the day or until the “Log Out” button is pressed on
  • If teachers or staff member identifies a web site they think should be available to students, they can open a District Technology Services Work Request to have the site evaluated for whitelisting. Click here for more information.