iPad Troubleshooting Guide – Settings


There are many settings that, if enabled, can cause an iPad to behave quite differently than expected.  Accessibility features are often associated with the device speaking what is on the screen, unable to consistently tap on the screen, or the colors have been inverted or grey-scaled, to name a few.

Apple iOS Accessibility

How to Enable or Disable Accessibility Features


  • iPad is speaking with selections
  • Rotation lock is stuck or screen will not rotate
  • Screen is zoomed in
  • Colors are inverted or grey
  • Blue box is continually cycling around the screen
  • Language is incorrect
  • Time is incorrect


Simple reset of all device settings.

Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

Reset screen - iPad
Reset screen capture – iPad

If unable to reach the option to Reset All Settings, reset the device to factory settings using Recovery Mode.  This will cause the device to be setup again, just as when the student first received the device.

Reset Using Recovery Mode