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iPad Troubleshooting Guide

This page is a work in progress.

Physically inspect the device

If the device is visibly broken or you are sure the device needs hardware repairs, please use the links below:
LTP iPads
Non-LTP iPads

If the device is not turning on, please make sure to plug it in and make sure it is charging.  When a device is fully discharged it can take some time (15+ minutes) before the device will power back on.

Gather important information

Collecting and confirming the following bits of information will help in identifying what may be causing the problems on a student’s or staff’s iPad, and will be helpful if a work order needs to be submitted.

  • Asset Tag – There are a few places this information can be found. All LTP devices will have one, although non-LTP devices are not assured of this.
    • QR Code – this is the small sticker that is found near the camera on the back of the device.  Normally under a small cover.
    • SVVSD Asset – This application is installed by default when the device is first enrolled.  It will open to a webpage and display the asset tag as well as other information.
    • Other sources – Infinite Campus, Destiny, on the back of the actual iPad (beneath the iPad cover), and the Absolute Manage Admin Console are other locations that can also help to identify an iPad.  These resources should be used to confirm whether a student has the correct iPad in their possession also.
  • Parental Restrictions Enabled? – This is helpful to know because of the variety of issues that can arise when parental restrictions are placed on the device at home.  These restrictions can also interfere when trying to troubleshoot problems on a device.
  • Are date and time correct? Many wireless and app issues can be resolved by confirming the date and time is set correctly on the device. To confirm, tap Settings > General > Date and Time and ensure that correct information is shown.
  • Is there available storage on the device? If a device is out of storage, several issues can occur. Confirm storage space by going to Settings > General > About and making sure the available space is 1GB or greater. (Anything below 500MB may cause issues with updates or app use)
  • Absolute Manage Admin Console information – By using the Absolute Manage Admin Console, it is possible to find out a lot of information about the iPad.  It is possible to see what applications are installed, what iOS version the iPad is running, or when the device last contacted the MDM.

BEFORE you spend a lot of time troubleshooting an iPad, this article gives information on 4 things to try as a first step to resolving most issues.

iPad problem categories and their descriptions

  • Network/Wireless problems 
    • An iPad may experience any of the following issues:  Unable to connect to SVVMD.  WiFi will not stay connected. Unable to see any wireless networks.
  • Settings 
    • Some settings can adversely affect the use of an iPad and users may experience the following: Screen colours are inverted. The device is speaking when being used.  The keyboard has changed. The screen is zoomed.
  • Apps
    • Issues with applications may include: Unable to install app from Absolute Apps.  District apps are missing from Absolute Apps. Unable to update applications or iOS.
  • Physical Hardware
    • Screen is cracked.  Headphone jack has been broken. Will not power on. Will not hold a charge.
  • MDM

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