Troubleshooting Apple ID Issues

Here are a list of common Apple ID issues and how to troubleshoot them. Current information on Apple IDs can be found at Apple’s Apple ID Support site.

Issue: User has forgotten password
Resolution: Have user go to to reset the password. If they cannot remember the answers to their security questions, have them use the email authentication option to reset.

  • If you use email authentication and an Apple ID does not exist with that email address, the site will NOT return an error. If an email does not appear in the user’s inbox or Spam folder, check to see that the email address was entered correctly.
  • If the user created an account using the Under 13 Apple ID program, the email request to reset will go to the guardian email.


Issue: User has forgotten which email address is used for Apple ID
Resolution: Have the user go to and select Find Your Apple ID. Enter as much information as possible, including all possible email addresses.

  • If the user has the Apple ID set up on a current iOS device, go to Settings > iTunes and App Store to view the email address used.

Issue: User has forgotten Apple ID security questions
Resolution: Have the user go to and reset the security questions.


Issue: Apple ID was created incorrectly and the account is requesting that a credit card be entered.
Resolution: Use one of the following to resolve:

  • Enter credit card information from a guardian, then use these directions to immediately remove the credit card from the account.
  • Enter the information from an iTunes Gift Card purchased by the user into the account.
  • Enter the redeem code from a free app/song/book card such as those from Starbucks into the redeem field.
  • More information from Apple can be found here.



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