Non-LTP iPad Service Process

For iPads that are purchased outside of the Learning Technology Program (LTP), use the following guidelines to facilitate a hardware repair.

To determine if the iPad is supported by the LTP, take a look at the asset tag on the back of the device. Asset tags that are BLUE are LTP purchases and will have the entire repair process facilitated by District Technology Services (DTS). If the asset tag is RED, GREEN or if no asset tag was issued, then the iPad is not an LTP purchase and should use the directions below.

Note: The process of shipping and return from repair of an iPad may take up to three weeks depending on which vendor is used.

To begin the process, submit a Help Desk Work Request.

A St. Vrain Valley School District Technology Services Technician  will:

  • Perform a courtesy check to confirm this is a hardware repair.
    • Up to 15 minutes may be spent at the tech’s discretion.
  • Determine if the repair is covered under warranty or if the iPad should be sent to our authorized repair vendor.

If this is a Warranty-covered or AppleCare repair:

  • DTS will facilitate the shipping and receiving of the iPad from Apple.
  • DTS will request an account code to use if Apple determines that the repair is not warranty covered.
  • Schools must bring the iPads to Clover Basin and pick them up. Warehouse pickup and delivery are optional (send to DTS Attn: Dan Brock). Charges for damage in transit due to inadequate packaging will be the school’s responsibility.
  • If the technician is providing a courtesy check, he or she can bring the iPad back to DTS. The school will be responsible for pickup from DTS.
  • If device is sent to Apple and repaired as an out of warranty damage (such as water damage), the school will be responsible for the charge and DTS will request an account code to cover the charge. When sent in, we do not have the option to decline a repair.

If this repair is not warranty covered (cracked screen, damaged port, etc) or out of warranty:

  • The school will be responsible for facilitating the repair through our repair vendor and for any associated costs. Currently, our vendor for non-warranty repairs is iResQ. A current list of pricing for repairs can be found on their website.
  • The first step to submit an iPad for repair through iResQ is:
    • If possible, ERASE the iPad to remove any information from the device before it is shipped
    • If not possible to erase (damaged screen or battery issue), go to and log in with the Apple ID used on the device. Select Find My iPhone and select the device being repaired. If you have sensitive information on the device, select Erase this Device. Then, Select Not my Device. (The iPad will need to be powered off for this option to appear) More information can be found here.
  • Next, request a repair from iResQ:
    • Read the iResQ Guidelines so that you understand what iResQ is allowed to do per DTS policy.
    • Go to
    • Choose iPad repair.
    • Select device.
    • Select by damage/description.
    • If information is correct, proceed to checkout.
    • You have the choice to checkout as guest or register. If you register (recommended), you can track the repair process. If you do not want the card information kept on file, make sure to NOT click the “keep on file” box.
    • On the billing screen, add SVVSD/your location in the Company field so we can track any orders should it be needed
    • You will pay by P-Card. Once iResQ receives the device and assesses, if more repairs are needed, they will email the email address included in the billing information. If you approve the repairs, your p-card will be updated to the total amount of repair.
    • iResQ will keep you informed of any changes to the order. They are good at communication.
    • If you need a box for the first repair, there is an option for them to send you a box with shipping instructions. This option is $25.50. Normal shipping is $10.49. You will be charged to ship to iResQ and the $10.49 return charge is included in the price you saw on the screen for damage/description.


  • You may not allow iResQ to replace or recycle an iPad per Board of Education and DTS policy.
  • If an iPad is unrepairable, school may purchase a new replacement iPad, and optionally submit claim through Risk Management in the case of accidental damage.
  • The iPad must be backed up if you plan to restore your data. The repair vendor will erase the iPad if needed or will request that the device be unlocked before beginning repair.
  • If the iPad is not functional, the school should provide the passcode (NOT Apple ID password) to the repair vendor to speed the service process.
  • If this is a Non-LTP iPad enrolled in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, notify DTS so we can mark them out for repair. When the device is returned, let us know so we can add them back to the MDM properly.