Compromised Email Address

If you have reason to believe your email address has been compromised in some way, this guide serves as a starting point to remediate the problem. This is a list of things you can do and check.
  1. Log out of your email and change your password. This step needs to be done ASAP by going to the password manager:
  2. Now log out of everything else you might be logged into (Citrix, your computer, etc.) and log back in using your new password.
  3. Inside of your inbox, down at the bottom right is a link to get details about recent logon activity, click on the Details link. Inside of the Details dialog, click the link for ‘Sign out all other web sessions‘. Make sure all recent logins to your account are from the United States, or at the very least look like activity that would have been you (phones, tablets, etc.). If you see activity that you do not believe was you (ex: outside of the United States), notify, and continue on with the next step in this article.

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  4. While still inside of your inbox, on the upper right side of the screen you should see an icon that looks like a gear, click on it and go to settings. Inside of the settings dialog you will see a tab across the top titled ‘Filters‘, click on that and make sure that nothing there looks suspicious. If you see something, off to the right is the option to delete it.
  5. Take a look at your recently sent items and contacts to make sure that you do not find anything else suspicious.
If you use any mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.) you will need to re-enter your new password for wireless/email access. The link above that discusses our password requirements and how to change your password also contains instructions on how to update your password on these devices.
Contact the helpdesk at x57730 for further assistance.